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You see it happening in slow motion: Your kid drops their cup of juice, spraying your clean upholstery with the sticky liquid. Luckily, your couch can be saved. Reach out to the experts at Ready2Go Professional Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning for sofa cleaning services. We'll restore your upholstery to its former beauty in no time.

For more information about our upholstery cleaning services in Boston & Somerville, MA, call 617-799-1002 or 888-610-5550 now to speak with a professional.

Can we clean your furniture?

From buying furniture that smells like smoke to spilling food by accident, our upholstery cleaning services can solve various furniture problems. Rely on us to have the tools and knowledge needed to clean:

  • Sofas or bench seating in your sitting room
  • Ottomans or draperies in your living room
  • Chairs or cushions in your dining room
Make your upholstery look good as new - contact us today to schedule chair, ottoman or sofa cleaning services in or around Boston & Somerville, MA.

Looking to freshen up you home?

We also offer drape cleaning, for that extra clean feel you have been wanting.

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